Overwatch Season 13 - New hero update - Ashe

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Overwatch Season 13 - New hero update - Ashe

By Elosoar November 23, 2018

Overwatch introduced Ashe, their 29th hero, to the game recently. We have all been hoping for a new sniper in the game and everyone is pretty stoked to play Ashe so far. She offers mobility, high damage, and a trusty sidekick.

Per the Overwatch site, her abilities include:


Ashe's semi-automatic rifle fires quick shots, or she can use her aim-down sights for a more damaging, precise shot.


Ashe throws an explosive that detonates after a short delay or immediately when shot. The explosion from Dynamite also lights enemies on fire, dealing damage over time


Ashe blasts enemies in front of her, knocking them away and propelling herself backward for added mobility.


Ashe summons her trusted omnic sidekick, B.O.B., who charges forward and knocks enemies into the air, then lays down suppressing fire with his arm cannons.

Please don't insta-lock her when she comes out in competitive -- so that we can. ;)

Can I request my booster to play Ashe?

Of course, you can make specific hero selections on the order page.


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