Professional Overwatch Coach


Rank: 4400 SR

Roles: DPS/Tank/Healer

Age: 19

Price per hour: $25

Region: EU/NA

Platform: PS4

  • Top 500 every season
  • Multiple accounts in Top 500
  • Can coach for all roles

Personal Bio:

Top 500 Flex player who's been playing since beta . I understand every portion of the game and have played both high ladder games and tournaments. I can help you with whatever character or role you need, understanding your way of playing these characters and teach you the ideal way to play them and strategies that can be used. I can help you with focusing targets ,ultimate economy ans much more. Can help with any rank and can focus on specific characters,help you improve multiple characters or find a character that suits your play-style. I'm available almost all the time and if I'm not I can organize something with you that suits you personally.




It was fast and good for the third time with most annoying weapons in the game now can play with nice guns

From: Patrick27


Skill Rating Boost

Fantastic job

From: trump


Skill Rating Boost

Great job from Ztjamz once after it got going after a small delay

From: Lito1l


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