Professional Overwatch Coach


Rank: 4400

Roles: DPS

Age: 21

Price per hour: $30

Region: NA

Platform: XBOX

  • Well known as the #1 Bastion on Xbox
  • Top 100 player every season
  • Great well rounded teacher
  • Bastion Soldier and Widowmaker specialist

Personal Bio:

Being top 100 every season playing only Bastion and Widowmaker may be quite peculiar, but I've done it. I am well known in the Xbox community for being the #1 bastion, and I take pride in that. I can play Bastion, Soldier and Widowmaker at a very high level, however I prefer playing Bastion as that is what I'm known for. I can teach you the ins and outs on all 3 of these heroes, and more. Of course to play the game at your greatest ability you need to understand every hero and how to play against them, I can teach you what you need to do to climb and play heroes to their greatest ability, as I am a very patient teacher that loves helping others.




Very fast !

From: Nghtless


Skill Rating Boost

Xim is a badass. Very friendly nice guy too!

From: Nick


Skill Rating Boost

he is awesome and very helpfull

From: Ansh


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