Professional Overwatch Coach


Rank: 4300

Roles: Main Tank and Support

Age: 18

Price per hour: $30

Region: NA

Platform: PC

  • Experience since closed beta
  • Top level in multiple games
  • Primarily knowledgable in Tank/Support
  • Climbing ranks specialist
  • Teach you how to micromanage

Personal Bio:

I've played Overwatch since closed beta, and have competitive experience in multiple games. In CS:GO I currently hold two Global Elite accounts, rank 1 and diamond over a couple of seasons in Hots, two thousand hours in TF2, six hundred hours in Rainbow Six Siege, and two diamond accounts in LoL. I've coached people formerly in overwatch discord channels, and have scrimming experience in Overwatch as well. I primarily have knowledge in Tank and Support roles, and also how voice chat or communication with your team is just as important. I have climbed out from platinum since season 2, and have experienced the climb or struggle between each rank. I intend for my coaching experience to teach you the easiest way to climb by yourself, peform your best in your role during any match, and how to micromanage your teammates.




Great coaching! His tips helped a lot in improving my main play.

From: Sacrilege


Awesome first lesson, will most definitely be doing it again in the future.

From: MissLain


Golden lesson! Learned a lot with the tips for my main. Great giving team play tips too! Friendly, easygoing, and understanding.

From: Sacrilege


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