Professional Overwatch Coach


Rank: 4500

Roles: Off-Tank/Tank/Flex

Age: 24

Price per hour: $30

Region: NA

Platform: PC

  • Top 100 player
  • High level in multiple games
  • Teach the ways of getting out of elo hell
  • In-depth vod review

Personal Bio:

Hello fellow Overwatch players! My name is Kiwi and I am a top100 player who has high knowledge in not just common aiming and positioning, but also how to get out of the Elo Hell. I also have effective tips on how to play around the players who is refusing to play as a team and increase % of winning. I have many great tips and materials for you to learn and practice so you can enhance your skills and continue to get better. Experience: I spent many hours of playing scrims and tournament as a team player. I take competitive matches seriously and lead the team to the victory. I also played many games with high rank, such as League of Legends, Sudden Attack, and Starcraft. For example of my previous experiences, I was a semi-professional player in the game called Sudden Attack, which is a top 1 Korean FPS game. I was in rank 1 clan and won many tournaments. I also coached many players by pointing out their flaws and check up with them to see if anything can be improved. It is extremely crucial to know that behavior also impacts on your skills. So if you are stuck at certain SR and you think you need some help on getting better at the game continuously. Please give me a notice! Thanks.




I learned SO much just in one session!! Kiwi teaches you a huge amount of information, while keeping it easy and simple to underst...

From: rlatnals


Crammed a ton of info into one session. I learned a lot. Kiwi is super friendly and extremely helpful.

From: DrToboggan


Super Helpful, fun to chat with. Has lots of game knowledge and works with you based on your game play. Grade A+ I would for sure ...

From: Scorpion28


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