Professional Overwatch Coach


Rank: 4450

Roles: Main Dps/Tank but flex

Age: 18

Price per hour: $25

Region: NA/EU

Platform: PS4

  • T500 every season
  • #1 Ranked Reaper
  • Outstanding hitscan player
  • Expert level game sense
  • Can play all roles exceptionally

Personal Bio:

Ive been into gaming ever since I was young and I would always be competitive in it. With competitive experiences in games such as Call of Duty, when I first started overwatch, I managed to climb to the top by using a simple rule. *using slow sensitivity to hit 8/10 shots and turn slow rather then using max sensitivity and be able to turn quick only to miss 8/10 shots. I use that rule in every FPS game I played and it has served me well to the point of making me become a t500 hitscan level player. But because I have had a competitive environment since I was young I naturally was able to pick out mistakes in myself and others. Because of my experience I can coach someone from the way they aim to their play style and what to do in situations not typically encountered. After starting dps I slowly branched our to every other role and have became a flex rather then dps main because it secures the chance to win. Which is what I hope for you to become under my guidance.




Skill Rating Boost

Did really well. Communication was a little spotty but everyone has a real life. Did a 3 week anti decay and left my SR at 4170. G...

From: Lulz


Skill Rating Boost


From: EDM


Skill Rating Boost

Very Helpful! Good constructive coaching and he's very patient with you, would recommend :]

From: MikuKumori


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