Professional Destiny 2 Coach


Rank: Top 500

Roles: ALL Guardians

Age: 18

Price per hour: $30

Region: NA

Platform: PS4

  • Highly Skilled and Talented Player
  • Played Destiny for 4 Years
  • Fun and Efficient
  • Very professional coach

Personal Bio:

Hey guys, I go by the name Jehy. Video games have been part of my life for 8 years. My first fps was halo and ever since, I wanted to go competitive in gaming. I am a talented player as a destiny player and willing to make each person grow in skill and in decisions. My goal is to make you learn a lot and I will give you great tips in improving your gameplay. I would say I rarely drop any games. My highest winstreak for trials is currently a 300. I guarantee you that you would learn a lot from me because I know which tips, tricks, and strategy to give you. I can adjust to your play style and try to make it better. I want to make you feel comfortable about your play style. I understand all kinds of it so do not worry. I promise you I will make you 3x better than you were before.




Win Boosting

Really good and fast player/booster :)

From: rhapor


Win Boosting

Nice Booster, after 4 matches we won!

From: fritza


Win Boosting

Great booster

From: Irish707


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