Professional Destiny 2 Coach


Rank: Top 500

Roles: PVP/PVE

Age: 20

Price per hour: $30

Region: NA/EU

Platform: PC PS4 XBOX

  • Playing destiny for 4 years
  • 2+ Years of coaching experience
  • Love giving loadout and playstyle recommendations
  • Lots of tips and tricks for crucible and all PvE activities
  • Loves to converse, have fun, crack jokes and hang out!

Personal Bio:

Have you ever watched a guide for a raid or a tips and tricks PvP video on youtube and said to yourself "I wish they would have told me more"? I consider myself the best solution to that issue! With my 1000+ Destiny Raid Completions, I know loads of strategies, secrets, loadouts, tips and tricks to every raid, strike, quest line and more in Destiny! I also have lots of PvP experience and can give you tips on things like what guns to use, when to play aggressive or passive, where to throw your grenades and when, what lanes to play and more! I am extremely passionate about this game and want to share all of the knowledge I have gotten over my 4+ years of playing with you! My goals are to make YOU a better player in PvE and PvP, give you insight on why things are better than others such as why Curtain Call and Sins of the Past are better than all other legendary rocket launchers, and to have fun! Lots of fun! I looked forward to playing with you! Order and I will be right with you!




great job

From: 26usc162a


fast and efficient, great job

From: 26usc162a


Just could not get this done with fireteam before Foresaken and wanted a few 405 weapons. First Lair dropped 400 Midnight Coup!!...

From: Luko Brasi


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